About Us

We are better known in the industry teams as the “Sams”

CEM Repair was established in 2007. The company’s activity covers a wide range of activities aimed at construction of infrastructure sites, construction, management, consulting, supply of materials and implementation of specialized services.

Our engineers, mechanics and specialists have many years of practical experience and we always manage to offer successful solutions in our commitments.

CEM Remont is a proven partner and guarantor of quality in the implementation of projects in the Balkans. We accept challenges and can work alone or with partners to achieve our goals.

CEM Repair is a certified member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria №I-TV 021953 & №II-TV 006485, as well as we meet the strict requirements of the world quality standards ISO 9001: 2005 & BS OHSAS 18001: 2007


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We build specialized premises and transport communication in the internal factory space, sites of port infrastructure and tasks related to the national railway network.

We achieve great satisfaction from our clients, we make incredible efforts to complete construction and installation activities on schedule and quality.

For the proven professionalism we apply part of our References:


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We maintain and modernize specialized railway mechanization. We have experience in repairs of Engine, Pneumatic, Electrical and Hydraulic systems.

We have a narrow specialization in the adjustment of hand-leveling units and adjustment of all types of trolleys. The repair activities are carried out in the repair hall of the company in Varna, and if necessary it is possible to form a team to work on site in a client’s room.

For the proven professionalism we apply part of our References:


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CEM Remont is an accredited representative for Bulgaria of FCS Rail Italy

We supply complete small mechanization and spare parts for traverse-lining units; hand-lifting unit; gearboxes and differentials; gearboxes and clutches. Since its establishment, CEM Repair strives to improve the quality of services, to meet all requirements and is formed as a fair partner to work with its customers and suppliers.

Catalog of FCS Rail


We have specialized mechanization. The equipment used to restore our sites, but substantially in accordance with the requirements, is possible to rent mechanization or specialized services to our mechanics.

Heavy mechanization:

  • 10 wagons type hoppers for ballasting the railway;
Screenshot from 2021-02-10 08-48-17
  • Traverse lining machine “Plasser & Theurer” 08-32 DUOMATIC;
Screenshot from 2021-02-10 08-48-31
  • Ballast-Planning Machine “Plasser & Theurer” USP 3000 C;
Screenshot from 2021-02-10 08-48-41
  • Rail welding machine PRSM-3-046-K355 for electric contact welds type 49 and type 60;
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 Light mechanization

  • Typhoon nuts
  • Tamping
  • Rail drilling
  • Rail cutter
  • Grinding machine
  • ESPs / electric linings /


FCS Railway Italy – Partnership

11.Hydraulic screwdriver maintenance machine with HONDA petrol engine https://www.fcsrail.com/en/rail-way-equipment/maintenance-hydraulic-power-wrench-ihm-1000-p
22. Two-head screw nut machine VSC 500 \ 2 P for VOSSLOH with locking system with HONDA petrol engine https://www.fcsrail.com/en/rail-way-equipment/double-head-hydraulic-vossloh-e-clip-machine-vsc-5002p
33. Rail drilling machine TFR 330 P in a wooden box https://www.fcsrail.com/en/rail-way-equipment/rail-drilling-machine-tfr-330-p
44.Portable traverse drilling FTP 950 P with HONDA petrol engine with quick-change option https://www.fcsrail.com/en/rail-way-equipment/portable-sleepers-drilling-machine-ftp-950-p
55. Portable screwdriver and traverse drilling machine MAV 2500 M https://www.fcsrail.com/en/rail-way-equipment/portable-impact-wrench-sleepers-drilling-machine-mav-2500-m
56. Electric traverse devices GRV 4400 P complete with control panel, reel with 50 m cable and 5.5 sq petrol generator https://www.fcsrail.com/en/rail-way-equipment/ballast-tamping-unit-4-vibratory-tampers-grv-4400-p